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Our top tips for large machinery maintenance

May 18, 2022

Mining and agriculture are two global industries that would not be possible in today’s world without the use of large machinery to support their operations. As a result, preventive and routine maintenance is critical to the efficiency and longevity of the machinery, as well as the industry and the company that they support.  Machinery maintenance…

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The benefits of routine earthmoving equipment maintenance

April 11, 2022

It is important to maintain your earthmoving equipment for several reasons, including safety, cost savings and downtime prevention. You can ensure that your machinery runs safely and efficiently by inspecting and repairing it regularly. Breakdowns are costly, so avoiding them through proper maintenance can save your company money. Downtime is also expensive, so by keeping…

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Testing and tagging: what you need to know about AS/NZS 3760

March 18, 2022

When it comes to electrical safety, there is no room for error. That is why testing and tagging your equipment is so important in the construction and mining industries. The testing and tagging process necessitates the use of specialised equipment to assess the electrical safety of equipment and devices. The purpose of testing and tagging is…

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Safety workplace pre operation checklist motor vehicle mechanic inspector wearing safety glove helmet head protect inspecting haul truck bolts and nuts steering wheel connection

Common Mechanical Repairs Performed on Mining Equipment and How to Avoid Them 

February 11, 2022

Mining equipment is an essential component of any successful mining operation. These machines are subjected to heavy use and abuse, so it’s no surprise that they require repairs from time to time. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most common mechanical repairs on mining equipment and how to avoid them. Hydraulic…

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Why tool calibration is important for your worksite

January 27, 2022

The backbone of most industries’ operations is the tools and equipment on the shop floor. The purpose of the tool calibration process is to keep tools that require calibration in good working order. Calibration is an important step in ensuring that tools are functioning properly, providing accurate readings, ensuring a safe working environment for end-users…

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Photo of excavators at mining area

What is a Mining Asset Management and Why is it important?

December 21, 2021

Mining asset management is an important component of the Australian mining industry. In summary, it is the process of ensuring that your heavy machinery and mining equipment are well-maintained and operate properly to make the highest potential outcomes. By employing appropriate mining asset management methods and approaches, you can potentially boost your entire production and…

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The importance of using an Authorised Service Centre for fleet care and maintenance

November 23, 2021

An Authorised Service Centre will keep your fleet of vehicles working at their best. Learn
more about why this is important to you as a business owner here.

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