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Maximising Uptime: Unveiling the Crucial Role of Preventive Maintenance in Industry

In the fast-paced world of industry, where every minute counts, maximising uptime is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. At 1 Maintenance and Supply in Biloela, we understand the pivotal role preventive maintenance plays…

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system

Dewatering Pit Pumps: Ensuring Dry and Efficient Operations

When it comes to automotive and mechanical solutions, where efficiency is key, dewatering pit pumps play a pivotal role in keeping operations dry and optimized. At 1 Maintenance and Supply, headquartered in Biloela, we recognise…

Calibrations Demystified: Understanding the Key to Precision

Precision is paramount in the intricate world of automotive and mechanical solutions. Enter calibrations – the science behind accurate measurements and optimal performance. At 1 Maintenance & Supply, a trusted provider of automotive and mechanical…

a group of men in overalls working on machines for personnel training.

Boosting Efficiency with Onsite Personnel Training for Leading Equipment Brands

At 1 Maintenance and Supply, we understand the importance of equipping your team with the knowledge and skills to maximise productivity. Our onsite training programs offer comprehensive training for leading equipment brands such as Enerpac,…

a person working on a calibrations machine

The Significance of Regular Calibrations for Automotive and Mechanical Tools

Regular calibrations are vital in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of automotive and mechanical tools. Whether you operate in mining, agriculture, or power generation, ensuring the precision of your tools is essential. We understand the…

Clermont, Queensland, Australia - August 2022; Two trucks carrying large trays for dump trucks at the Central Queensland coal mines on a dusty unsealed road with traffic control escorts.

Meeting Industry Standards: Specialist Vehicles for Mining and Traffic Control

Specialist vehicles are pivotal for meeting industry standards and ensuring efficient operations within the mining and traffic control industries. At 1 Maintenance and Supply, a reputable provider of automotive and mechanical solutions located in Biloela,…

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