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Common Mechanical Repairs Performed on Mining Equipment and How to Avoid Them 

Mechanical repairs for mining equipment are essential to any successful mining operation. These machines are designed for heavy use and abuse, so it’s no surprise that they occasionally require mechanical repairs.

Look at some of the most common mechanical repairs for mining equipment and how to avoid them.

#1. Hydraulic Equipment Mechanical Repairs

Hydraulic machinery, such as shovels used for digging, extracting, and moving earth or mined materials, is one of the most common mining machines on-site. Their frequent usage makes them vulnerable to common faults and repairs. Here are vital reasons why mining equipment maintenance is necessary for hydraulic machinery:

  • Hydraulic fluid leakage from hoses, valves, or seals—These can reduce efficiency because the machinery has to work harder to achieve the same result, leading to overheating if not addressed.
  • Cavitation—It occurs when tiny bubbles form in a liquid due to a pressure drop and then collapse violently.

The process generates heat and noise and damages metal surfaces, causing them to wear down faster. To avoid heavy cavitation, ensure the correct level of hydraulic equipment by checking fluid levels regularly and keeping all filters clean.

#2. Repairs for Mechanical Mining Drills

Mining drills are necessary tools in any mining operation and should, as such, be in good working order at all times. Not adequately operating mechanical repairs for mining equipment drills can lead to more frequent breakdowns and higher replacement part costs. The risk of lower productivity and increased operating costs will be much higher if you wait longer to maintain them.

Regular mining equipment maintenance also reduces the risk of accidents while using underground machinery and extends its life. Leaks, faulty valves, broken hoses, and cracked or worn seals are all common problems with mining drill machinery. Regular mechanical servicing helps prevent these types of issues.

#3. Mechanical Conveyor Belts Upkeep

A conveyor belt is an essential piece of machinery that must always be in good working order when transporting materials from one location to another. Inadequate servicing and maintenance of your conveyor belt system can lead to several typical issues, including rotary valve (chute) damage.

When debris builds up against the chute, it wears down the seal and lets a little bit of fluid into the bearing housings, which leads to bearing failure before its time. Regular cleaning and lubrication of a conveyor belt system will prevent this issue. If the damage is significant, the housing unit or the bearings may need to be repaired.

#4. Mechanical Earthmovers Repairs

Earthmovers play an essential role in the mining industry, frequently moving large amounts of earth. While they are designed to withstand some wear and tear, regular mining equipment maintenance is still required to ensure peak performance. Problems with the hydraulic system are common with earthmovers. These can be caused by several factors, including dirt and debris getting into the hoses or filters, low oil levels, or simply old age.

If you notice any problems with your earthmover’s hydraulics, it is best to have it serviced as soon as possible to avoid more severe damage to your mining operation. Other common earthmover repairs include replacing worn-out parts such as tracks, teeth or buckets.

The Bottom Line

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