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The importance of using an Authorised Service Centre for fleet care and maintenance

Fleet care is the process of maintaining the vehicles in your business so that they are safe, dependable and can stay on the road for extended periods. Using an Authorised Service Centre will give you the peace of mind that your fleet is running efficiently and effectively. It will, ultimately, save you money on operational costs, repair costs and any unnecessary fleet services.

Why fleet care is important

One of your business’s most important assets is its fleet. Meaning that, essentially, proper vehicle maintenance should be fundamental. You run the risk of compromising employee safety as well as incurring costly emergency repairs and unforeseen downtime if you do not have a proactive fleet management plan in place. Consequently, the condition of your fleet is a critical component of your company’s operations and staff morale.

The advantages of using regular fleet services

To get the most out of your vehicles, you should implement routine preventative fleet maintenance. Routine maintenance not only helps uncover problems before they become critical but also saves your company money over time. How? While you may think that getting your whole fleet serviced on a regular basis is expensive, it is less expensive in the long run than delaying servicing until a problem arises. For example, you will spend less on frequent oil changes than you would for replacing an entire engine.

Additionally, when a vehicle experiences a major technical issue, it always results in a loss of money beyond the cost of repairs. If even one of your vehicles needs to be pulled off the road for a lengthy period for costly repairs, the following unexpected downtime means wasted wages and delayed loads, both of which have an impact on your bottom line.

Why it’s important to use an Authorised Service Centre

Finding a decent and local Authorised Service Centre should be your top priority. A service centre will typically have a comprehensive understanding of what is required for each vehicle. This means that any services, repairs or replacements can be done without spending time or money on needless parts or components. They also have access to genuine replacement parts and can complete all servicing within warranty standards.

Authorised Service Centres can also perform official safety inspections on your fleet, ensuring that your vehicles are roadworthy and, in turn, will effectively reduce downtime. You will also need to use an Authorised Service Centre to guarantee legal compliance with manufacturer-specified vehicle maintenance requirements. 1 Maintenance & Supply provides a full range of automotive and mechanical services. We serve the general public and businesses in a variety of industries such as mining, agriculture and power generation. Our Biloela based business offers expert automotive and mechanical service and maintenance, as well as cost-effective solutions delivered in the quickest time possible. Our service centre handles everything from mining equipment to fleet care and maintenance. Get in touch with us for exceptional solutions and friendly, honest service.

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