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What is a Mining Asset Management and Why is it important?

Mining asset management is an important component of the Australian mining industry. In summary, it is the process of ensuring that your heavy machinery and mining equipment are well-maintained and operate properly to make the highest potential outcomes. By employing appropriate mining asset management methods and approaches, you can potentially boost your entire production and profitability.

Below, we’ll go over what mining asset management is and how it can get the most out of your mining company.

What is mining asset management?

Mining asset management is the proactive and preventative maintenance of mining machines, vehicles, tools and other heavy machinery and equipment. Mining companies use mining asset management to ensure their productivity stays high, as well as avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. There are many benefits to implementing a good mining asset management plan, including:

  • Fewer breakdowns and stoppages;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Improved safety standards; and
  • Increased production levels.

Mining and heavy equipment maintenance

One of the most important aspects of mining asset management is keeping your mining machinery and equipment in top condition. This includes regular heavy machinery services, including regular inspections and preventive maintenance tasks, as well as making sure that all parts and components are properly lubricated and serviced. By keeping up to date with your heavy equipment maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Increased reliability

Maintenance and dependability are critical throughout a mining operation to ensure that equipment is available when needed, the machinery is working as intended and does not require excessive maintenance. Mining asset management will help you to keep your equipment up to date, working efficiently and in good condition.

Mining asset management process

There are a few key steps to properly maintaining mining assets. These include:

  • Performing regular inspections, including visual checks and diagnostic testing where appropriate
  • If any issues are detected during the inspection process, having qualified technicians determine the cause of the problem and recommend solutions
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks, as well as making sure that all parts and components are properly lubricated and serviced. 

Why is it important?

You’ll need a dependable fleet of heavy machinery if you want to run an efficient mining site. Mining asset management is important for keeping these machines in prime operational condition so that they can handle the intense demands required by mining operations. If something does go wrong with one of your heavy machinery, then repairs should be handled as soon as possible by technicians who are well equipped to diagnose any problems quickly and effectively within just hours. 

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